Are you tired of rising fuel costs and feel helpless to do anything about it?

You can now protect the environment and save money at the same time!

New Image New Generation PowerPill is a revolutionary fuel conditioner that is so easy to use.
  • New Generation PowerPill is a tablet that dissolves in your fuel to create a cleaner burning engine.
  • New Generation PowerPill is safe for all engines, large and small, petrol and diesel, 2 and 4 stroke.
  • Environmentally friendly. Non Toxic, All Natural Formulation.

Benefits of the New Generation PowerPill

  • reduced emissions
  • increased engine power
  • improved fuel economy
  • less ongoing maintenance
  • easier start-up for seldom used engines

How does the New Generation PowerPill work?

  • Cleans carburettors, injectors and entire fuel system.
  • Promotes more complete fuel combustion.
  • Lubricates and conditions valves, pistons and rings.
The New Generation PowerPill is NOT a fuel additive it is a conditioner which does not change the definition of your fuel so it will not void your warranty.

95% of degenerative diseases are caused by toxic substances in the air and water. This is our chance to help reduce those statistics.

New Generation PowerPill Petrol or Diesel – 10 pills $NZ 44.70

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