The Science

People often ask what scientific evidence  there is to support our products.
Despite the positive stories we have heard it is true that there still not a lot of hard scientific evidence in this area. This makes it difficult to give definitive information about how colostrum may be of assistance.  We do know that colostrum supports a healthy gut and a healthy immune system – these two systems are  integral to our overall health and well being.

Autoimmune Conditions

Much has been said about autoimmune conditions. We do not promote colostrum as a cure for any condition but anything that promotes a healthy gut and immune system is good for all of us.
When we look at the pathology of MS, for example, we know that the myelin sheath is destroyed by our own immune system.  Colostrum helps to balance the immune system, PRPs are especially beneficial at cell to cell communication that instructs the body to have an appropriate immune response.  Many autoimmune conditions may be linked to increased intestinal permeability (leaky gut) which allows larger proteins into the blood which the immune system reacts to – colostrum helps to maintain the integrity to the gut.

Immune Support

Our consulting immunologist has provided the following information on how she believes colostrum may support the body:

“Autoimmune diseases such as multiple sclerosis arise due to the failure of immune system “check points” which normally prevent the body’s immune system from attacking its own tissues.  When damage does occur, it is also the immune system that is responsible for orchestrating the repair process.  The therapeutic goal for successful management of multiple sclerosis is therefore two-pronged - to block the immune pathways associated with destructive immune activity as well as initiate or amplify the reparative wing of the immune system, aiming to regenerate functional central nervous tissue.  Colostrum is well positioned to fulfil this role.  Not only does it contain a broad range of pre-formed immune factors that are known to activate regulatory cellular pathways which directly counteract the destructive pathways associated with disease, colostrum also contains other factors that support the activity of immune cells that are particularly involved in repair, such as bone-marrow and central nervous system resident stem cells.  It is likely that all of these activities contribute towards the immediate therapeutic benefit of colostrum for the management of the symptoms of multiple sclerosis.” 

It is important to remember that our products are not designed to treat any diseases; they are designed to support the normal, healthy function of the body, with colostrum, the particular benefit is on the immune system and digestive tract.

·         Any of the colostrum products are beneficial to support the immune and digestive system health e.g. Alpha Lipid Lifeline or Alpha Lipid Colostrum capsules or tablets. 
·         Cellworx provides PRPs which assist with immune balance.
·         Alpha Lipid Colostem supports the immune system and specifically, adult stem cell health

Colostrum in not a medication

It is important to remember that colostrum is a nutritional supplement that supports a healthy digestive tract which is where the majority of our nutrients are absorbed; it is also where many medications are absorbed.  For this reason anyone taking prescription medication must advise their healthcare practitioner that they have introduced new supplements so they can be monitored for any possible changes to their medication.

Any person who has a serious medical condition or is taking prescription medication must work with their healthcare provider and discuss any changes to their routine, such as new supplements so that they may be monitored closely for any changes to their health and medical requirements.  These are not drugs and the recommendation of products and lifestyle changes are not intended to offer therapeutic cures.  Individual results from the use of nutritional products may vary.

My thanks to Nutritionist Julie Wilson for her help with this update.

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