Alpha Lipid Colostem: the second generation.

New Alpha Lipid Colostem

Enhanced Stem Cell Support

The clever scientists at New Image are always researching new products and looking to improve the formulations of existing products. No sooner had they launched the revolutionary Alpha Lipid Sleep Time when the announcement of Alpha Lipid Colostem was made.
Colostem has been around for a while now and has proven very popular taken on its own or as part of the Stem Cell Stimulating Trilogy of Alpha Lipid Lifeline, Colostem and Cellworx.
Through extensive research into the ability of products to naturally stimulate our own stem cells the old Colostem has been modified to be even more efficient. Alpha Lipid Colostem is the second generation supporting stem cell release and nutrition.

Adult Stem Cells

Stem cells are the way of the future for maintaining good health and healing the body. Current research is showing that stimulating your own immune system to send your own stem cells to areas that need repair is an effective and efficient way to maintain quality of life. Growth factors in colostrum have been demonstrated to support the normal release and activation of adult stem cells. These cells can develop into many types of cells and go to where they are needed to heal the body.
Adult Stem cells are important when we think about Anti Aging and degenerative conditions.

Alpha Lipid Colostem: the facts

New Alpha Lipid Colostem supports stem cell nutrition and the stem cell cascade. That is the ability of stem cells to activate, specialise and regenerate.
Alpha Lipid is a patented formulation that ensures efficient absorption and bioavailability of the active ingredients
This living product stimulates immunity and helps maintain good gut health. GALT (the gut associated lymphatic system houses 70% of the body's immune cells).
The old Colostem contained Resveratrol but research has shown that the addition of the following herbs gives enhanced stimulation to stem cells

Active Ingredients per capsule:
200mg bovine colostrum
100mg Skullcap extract
100mg Date fruit extract
50mg Turmeric extract
50mg Yeast extract
20mg Fucoidan
20mg L-carnosine
10mg milk phospholipid (Alpha Lipid)

Adults take 1-3 capsules twice a day

60652 / 60 capsules

This new formulation helps stimulate not only the number of stem cells but also the activity of the cells.
Very favourable comparisons with other products claiming to stimulate stem cells has reinforced the findings that this new generation products is the one to watch.....and use of course.

Sourced from Nature. Enhanced by Science. Intelligent Nutrition.

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