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I am writing this as I listen to Graeme Clegg the Chairman of New Image International, the leader of colostrum research, development and sales. It is an International call so being in NZ it is very late at night but certainly worth staying up for!

New Image is a New Zealand company that is making huge in roads in the direct marketing business throughout the world. A NZ company that started in 1984 and has now been named as the 86th most successful direct selling company in the world. The aim is to be in the top 50 in the next few years.
If you have a desire (it must be a BIG desire) to make a difference  to your own life and other people's lives this could well be the opportunity of your lifetime.

New Image is in the second phase of their business, the EXPANSION phase which is the ideal time to make your mark. We will be in 30 countries in the next couple of years.

New Image make their own products and you are rewarded for moving their product and instigating the growth of the company.
The compensation plan is unique and you are guided every step of the way. The initial outlay is very small and the plan is very simple. You start as a Representative, progress to Supervisor, then Manager and finally Executive levels with increasing financial benefits, not to mention the satisfaction that comes from helping others.
 "Keep the healthy healthy", "Eradicate disease" and "Eliminate Poverty"

All these things are possible through the New Image products and business model. We have many amazing testimonials, especially int he ground breaking field of stem cell technology.

In the future Network Marketing is going to be a part of many people's lives. It is not just a home based business but an anywhere business. Many business mentors say the biggest way a person can help themselves is to start a part time business. If this interests you check out the New Image products on this website and also the New Image website.

Join me and help spread the New Image message of the amazing power of colostrum for everyone throughout the world.

For more information : Email me.

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