Colostrum and the Flu

Colostrum and the Flu

 If like me it is winter where you live you may well be surrounded by family, friends or co workers with coughs and sneezes. Most often these are just signs of the common cold or allergies.
If we are unlucky though it may be the flu. You may be particularly prone to catching this especially if you are elderly or immuno compromised.

Recently the pandemic alert for the Swine Flu has been downgraded but in my part of the world H1N1 is alive and well. There are many people in our hospitals suffering from it right now. There has been a recent death attributed to H1N1.

As you have probably read before it has been researched and proven that taking colostrum regularly is 3 times more effective  than the Flu vaccine at preventing the flu or shortening an influenza attack. In addition the holistic effect of taking a regular dose of colostrum has many other positive benefits for our overall wellbeing. Anti aging, immune boosting and completely safe for adults, children and of course your pets - who wouldn't want to give it a try

You may find this excerpt from Wellness Resources interesting.
Bovine Colostrum directly boosts aspects of the immune response that are required to initiate a proper immune response to bacterial and viral infections, including the flu.

Natural protection against bacterial and viral infection is required for the survival of humans. The undisputed powerhouse in this category is first milk colostrum, a mothers gift of protection to the newborn child. It is clearly associated with fewer digestive and respiratory infections.

First milk bovine colostrum, since it can be commercially produced and used by humans, has been the subject of many studies. Scientists have identified many of its immune boosting activities and have suggested it as a potential tool to help combat flu. It has even been proposed as a nutrient to help with the problems of HIV infection.

In addition to the natural antibodies present in first milk colostrum a new study demonstrates that it is also the unique carbohydrate structures (sialic acid viral decoys) that are found in bovine colostrum and other concentrated whey protein products that offer significant protection.

This is a very clever mechanism, as a virus is looking for a sialic acid molecule thinking it is a human cell to infect. When it binds on to a food-related look-a-like it is bound up and rendered inert, and politely ushered out of the body without a whimper.

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