Alpha Lipid Colostrum:Testimonial

Our family has been taking Alpha Lipid Colostrum from New Image for 5 years now.

We originally took it to boost our immunity. Of course that is a difficult thing to measure but we have not suffered any serious winter ills since starting on colostrum.
With our busy lifestyles the increase in energy levels is a definite advantage.
We see it as a valuable yet affordable preventative and nutritional supplement.

One noticeable additional benefit is improved recovery after strenuous exercise. At nearly 54 the body is coping well with squash, golf, competitive masters volleyball and multiple daily dog walks.

Regular domestic and international travel no longer causes any problems with adapting to time zones , foreign food and travel related illnesses.
A longterm food sensitivity no longer causes uncomfortable gastric symptoms.
Others we know have found relief from IBS, Crohns, Psoriasis, pre operative immune boosting and accelerated healing post surgery.
We are hoping that the recognised anti aging benefits will become more apparent with the progressing years.

Not all colostrums are created equal.
There are many different colostrum products on the market, do your research.

We chose the Alpha Lipid Colostrum for 2 main reasons.

Firstly, Alpha Lipid colostrum is an exclusive formula from New Image that increases the dispersability and bioavailability of colostrum by up to 100%. Alpha Lipid also enhances brain and memory function. It has been associated with reducing symptoms of Alzheimers and depression and helps protect the liver and gut.

Secondly, Alpha Lipid Colostrum from New Image is made from 100% highest quality New Zealand colostrum, processed using specialised techniques that do not damage any of the active ingredients.

5 years ago we traded our Vitamin C, garlic and Echinacea tablets for Alpha Lipid Colostrum. We are still taking them daily and will continue to do so to benefit us as we age, actively, healthily and maybe gracefully!

You owe it to yourself to try the best. You really have nothing to lose.

Julia and Ross Pearce
New Zealand

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