The completely safe  nutritional supplement colostrum has been shown to provide great benefits for people in many areas of sport.

An increase in lean body mass, increase muscle strength, increase in strength, endurance and a speedier recovery time. All of these things can't help but give an improved sporting performance.

Training hard for many hours can lead to a lowered immune system and of course muscle damage that effects sporting performance. Colostrum contains many bioactives that help correct this imbalance leading to an overall feeling of better health.


It is the growth factors and immunoglobulins found in high levels in bovine colostrum that provide such noticeable results. One of special interest is Insulin Like Growth factor (IGF-1)that stimulates bone and muscle growth. Laboratory studies have shown a 14% increase in strength and a 15% increase in muscle mass.
Glutathione is a powerful anti oxidant present in bovine colostrum which helps attack the free radicals that cause muscle damage.
Lactoferrin is one of the naturally occurring anti inflammatory components in bovine colostrum. These have none of the harsh effects on the stomach of the non-steroidal anti inflammatory compound (NSAIDs). In fact colostrum helps to heal the gut damage done by such drugs.

Alpha Lipid Lifeline

from New Image International is one of the best kept secrets to improve sporting performance. It is a sound nutritional supplement (a Nutraceutical) with all the vitamins and minerals needed to complete the Krebs Cycle essential for energy production in your cells. Probiotics for great gut health PLUS all the growth, immune and antioxidant properties of bovine colostrum. Each serving gives you 2000mg of Alpha Lipid colostrum which is unique to colostrum from New Image. Alpha Lipid is a delivery system making the colostrum much more easily dissolved and more bio available to the body.

So if you are looking for a safe, natural nutritional supplement to help you train harder, longer and recover faster while developing increased muscle strength and lean body mass Alpha Lipid Lifeline is certainly worth a try..The proline rich polypeptides in colostrum have been shown to stimulate the release of your own stem cells which help heal the body and have anti aging properties.
Contact me via the link at the top of the page. I can send it to you direct from our BSE free, pasture fed cows in New Zealand.

Alpha Lipid Lifeline will benefit all people of all ages whether healthy or unwell. It is even safe for your pets. .It is not a drug just a very smart way to a greater feeling of overall wellbeing.

Colostrum and the Flu

Colostrum and the Flu

 If like me it is winter where you live you may well be surrounded by family, friends or co workers with coughs and sneezes. Most often these are just signs of the common cold or allergies.
If we are unlucky though it may be the flu. You may be particularly prone to catching this especially if you are elderly or immuno compromised.

Recently the pandemic alert for the Swine Flu has been downgraded but in my part of the world H1N1 is alive and well. There are many people in our hospitals suffering from it right now. There has been a recent death attributed to H1N1.

As you have probably read before it has been researched and proven that taking colostrum regularly is 3 times more effective  than the Flu vaccine at preventing the flu or shortening an influenza attack. In addition the holistic effect of taking a regular dose of colostrum has many other positive benefits for our overall wellbeing. Anti aging, immune boosting and completely safe for adults, children and of course your pets - who wouldn't want to give it a try

You may find this excerpt from Wellness Resources interesting.
Bovine Colostrum directly boosts aspects of the immune response that are required to initiate a proper immune response to bacterial and viral infections, including the flu.

Natural protection against bacterial and viral infection is required for the survival of humans. The undisputed powerhouse in this category is first milk colostrum, a mothers gift of protection to the newborn child. It is clearly associated with fewer digestive and respiratory infections.

First milk bovine colostrum, since it can be commercially produced and used by humans, has been the subject of many studies. Scientists have identified many of its immune boosting activities and have suggested it as a potential tool to help combat flu. It has even been proposed as a nutrient to help with the problems of HIV infection.

In addition to the natural antibodies present in first milk colostrum a new study demonstrates that it is also the unique carbohydrate structures (sialic acid viral decoys) that are found in bovine colostrum and other concentrated whey protein products that offer significant protection.

This is a very clever mechanism, as a virus is looking for a sialic acid molecule thinking it is a human cell to infect. When it binds on to a food-related look-a-like it is bound up and rendered inert, and politely ushered out of the body without a whimper.

New Image "the business"

The New Image Business Opportunity

Be part of an exciting future!

I am writing this as I listen to Graeme Clegg the Chairman of New Image International, the leader of colostrum research, development and sales. It is an International call so being in NZ it is very late at night but certainly worth staying up for!

New Image is a New Zealand company that is making huge in roads in the direct marketing business throughout the world. A NZ company that started in 1984 and has now been named as the 86th most successful direct selling company in the world. The aim is to be in the top 50 in the next few years.
If you have a desire (it must be a BIG desire) to make a difference  to your own life and other people's lives this could well be the opportunity of your lifetime.

New Image is in the second phase of their business, the EXPANSION phase which is the ideal time to make your mark. We will be in 30 countries in the next couple of years.

New Image make their own products and you are rewarded for moving their product and instigating the growth of the company.
The compensation plan is unique and you are guided every step of the way. The initial outlay is very small and the plan is very simple. You start as a Representative, progress to Supervisor, then Manager and finally Executive levels with increasing financial benefits, not to mention the satisfaction that comes from helping others.
 "Keep the healthy healthy", "Eradicate disease" and "Eliminate Poverty"

All these things are possible through the New Image products and business model. We have many amazing testimonials, especially int he ground breaking field of stem cell technology.

In the future Network Marketing is going to be a part of many people's lives. It is not just a home based business but an anywhere business. Many business mentors say the biggest way a person can help themselves is to start a part time business. If this interests you check out the New Image products on this website and also the New Image website.

Join me and help spread the New Image message of the amazing power of colostrum for everyone throughout the world.

For more information : Email me.

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