What is colostrum?

Nature has designed colostrum as the "complete food" for the newborn of every species of mammal.
Colostrum is designed to provide the foundation for the immune system as well as vital nutrients for tissue development, energy and growth. The complex formulation of immune factors , growth factors, vitamins and minerals in colostrum provides these essential factors in much higher concentrations than anywhere else in nature.
In recent times bovine colostrum has become a well documented nutritional supplement.

Why Bovine Colostrum?

Human babies acquire their early immunity via the placenta while still in the womb and through breast feeding in the first few months of life. Cows, however, provide all immune and growth factors to their calves through colostrum. To achieve this  the bovine colostrum contains up to 20 times more immune factors than human colostrum.
As bovine colostrum is not species specific it can be highly beneficial to all other mammals.
Humans can quite safely take it and gain many benefits from its use.

What are the Benefits of Bovine Colostrum?

There are two main fractions present in colostrum: the immune fraction and the growth fraction.
There is strong evidence from scientific research that taking bovine colostrum can help:
  • Boost immunity
  • Destroy bacteria, viruses, yeasts and parasites
  • Accelerate tissue repair and healing
  • Burn fat and develop lean muscle
  • Increase stamina
  • Improve general wellbeing

Why should I choose Alpha Lipid Colostrum?

Alpha Lipid is a coating comprised of lipids that increase the solubility of the colostrum.Colostrum can clump and pass through the body rendering it useless, the alpha lipid aids delivery of the active ingredients in colostrum up the to key areas of the body.
This increased bioavailability makes the colostrum up to 100% more effective.
As well as an efficient delivery system Alpha lipid has a positive effect on liver, gut and brain and memory function. It has also been associated with reducing symptoms of depression.
Alpha Lipid Colostrum is available exclusively in New Image colostrum.

Who should take bovine colostrum?

People of all ages and all conditions will benefit from regular use of bovine colostrum.
It is safe and beneficial for:
  • Babies to supplement growth and immune factors when breast feeding is not possible.
  • The elderly for improved bone density, skin elasticity, vitality and resistance to illness.
  • Athletes for improved endurance, strength, recovery times and repair
  • People with compromised immune systems or chronic disease
  • Healthy children and adults as a daily supplement for improved health, vitality and resistance to illness.
  • Your pets will enjoy improved health and they will love the taste!
Bovine colostrum is safe, legal and does not interfere with other medications.
It is low in fat.
Colostrum is low in lactose and therefore suitable for most people with a lactose intolerance.
If you are unsure it is always advisable to check with your doctor before commencing any new medication or supplement.

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