More About Adult Stem Cell Therapy

People want to know more about the Colostrum products involved.

Colostem and Cellworx

These are 2 new generation Colostrum products providing advanced stem cell supporting formulations.
Colostem supports healthy stem cell release with its unique combination of cellular regenerating products Colostrum, Resveratrol and Fucoidan.
Cellworx promotes cellular connectivity, modulates immune responses using a combination of info-peptides.
For optimum results these products should be taken in conjunction with an Alpha Lipid Colostrum product as outlined in my previous Blog.

Of course results cannot be guaranteed as each case is as different as we are but indications are that colostrum can provide support for those with autoimmune and degenerative diseases as well as those who want to maintain a healthy immune system.

Please email me with your questions about these New Image products. They are all made from pure New Zealand Colostrum and are available to you.

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