Colostem and Cellworx 

For enhanced stem cell support

Much has been seen about and heard about the wonderful 2nd generation Colostrum product Colostem but what about its quieter counterpart Cellworx.

What is Cellworx?

Cellworx is an extract of pure colostrum liquid collected only from fresh colostrum containing high levels of: very special chemical compounds


These stimulate the production of CD4 cells to boost your immune system. They can help to "reset" your immune system and teach it how to work again. This is important in autoimmune conditions where your immune system is working against you not with you. We all need a boost to our immune systems as we age.
The CD4 cells are lymphocytes that help fight viruses. Some people with HIV show a significant reduction in CD4 cells


These complex acidic sugars help with cell to cell recognition by providing chemical compounds to help electrical signals to cross between nerve synapses and promote efficient communication throughout the body.
They can combine with viruses to stop them attacking your body much like antibodies and help cells to recognise pathogens.


Essential in supporting brain function, especially as we start to age. They inhibit plaque formation on the brain. Plaque formation on brain tissue destroys brain cells and stops signals getting through. They also limit the effect of "free radicals"that can harm cellular tissue. Damage to cellular tissue can result in DNA damage promoting tumour formation and other debilitating disease like Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome
Any help in cognitive function must benefit us all as we get older!

Who needs Cellworx?

Everyone over the age of 35 can benefit from taking Cellworx.
For those with good health it can delay the effects of aging and lessen the effects of illness.
For those with chronic degenerative or autoimmune conditions it may give your immune system the tools needed to function more efficiently.

How to use Cellworx?

Cellworx is a liquid spray that should be kept refrigerated once opened and used within 3 months. One 125ml bottle contains about 60 doses.
Spray Cellworx directly under your tongue. Close your mouth and and hold the liquid under your tongue for as long as possible (about 2 mins). It is recommended you use Cellworx just before bed.

How to get the maximum benefit from Cellworx?

Cellworx used in combination with Colostem and Alpha Lipid Lifeline will provide the optimum results for protection and prevention but using Cellworx on its own is better than not using it at all

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