COLOSTEM: New Colostrum for Improved Stem Cell Support


Adult stem cells are responsible for the growth and repair of all tissues and organs in our bodies. Unfortunately as we age the number of stem cells we produce reduces to just 10% of those produced when we were young.This happens at a time when the ability to repair and renew is more important than ever.

Supporting the release of more stem cells into the circulation can improve the quality of life and slow the aging process by repairing areas of the body that have suffered degeneration. In the same way some degenerative and autoimmune conditions may benefit from increased numbers of healthy adult stem cells in the circulation.

"The number of stem cells circulating in the bloodstream is one of the greatest indicators of human health. As stem cells possess the ability to become virtually any kind of cell in the body, supporting stem cell release can potentially enhance the health of every organ and tissue of the body, offering a golden opportunity for ongoing health and wellness for virtually everyone."
Christian Drapeau MSc - one of the world's leading researchers on stem cell health

Colostem and Cellworx are part of the New Image range of pure New Zealand Colostrum products.

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