I am a Colostrum convert.

Growing up on a dairy farm, I learnt at a young age (from my father) the absolute importance of calves being able to get their first feed of milk, containing high levels of Colostrum from their mothers and seeing the

difference in calves, for whatever reason, that missed out on it. These calves, when grown up, were ever only average or below average in milk production and in the majority of cases, their general health, in their first couple of months of life, was usually well below par.
I've been taking Colostrum for some years and while it doesn't always prevent me getting what ever is going around the office, there is no doubt that the symptoms are much milder and the recovery time much quicker than I used to endure.
I spend much of my time on aeroplanes, including a lot of time zone and diet changes,all contributors to being tough tests of immune systems and I
credit my two daily Colostrum capsules as being vital to my ability to cope with the travel requirements of my role.

John Parker

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