Colostrum and Immunity

Regular use of colostrum is recommended to develop and maintain a healthy immune system.
Regular use of colostrum is said to be 3 times more effective than the Flu vaccine. 
Colostrum is beneficial for everyone but becomes more important to take as we age.
A healthy gut is very important as 70% of infections enter the body through the gut. Colostrum helps heal the gut.

How colostrum helps the body to defeat bacteria

1. Germs enter the body and
 make their way to the gut wall.

3. The antibodies in colostrum
 remain in the gut, increasing 
your natural antibody levels.
 When a germ invades the
 anti-bodies attach themselves to it.
2. Once attached to the
 gut wall,germs begin to
 multiply freely,causing
 illness and disease.

4. Once the antibodies
 are attached, the germ 
cannot stick to the gut 
 wall, and passes
 harmlessly through your

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