Colostrum and Immunity

Regular use of colostrum is recommended to develop and maintain a healthy immune system.
Regular use of colostrum is said to be 3 times more effective than the Flu vaccine. 
Colostrum is beneficial for everyone but becomes more important to take as we age.
A healthy gut is very important as 70% of infections enter the body through the gut. Colostrum helps heal the gut.

How colostrum helps the body to defeat bacteria

1. Germs enter the body and
 make their way to the gut wall.

3. The antibodies in colostrum
 remain in the gut, increasing 
your natural antibody levels.
 When a germ invades the
 anti-bodies attach themselves to it.
2. Once attached to the
 gut wall,germs begin to
 multiply freely,causing
 illness and disease.

4. Once the antibodies
 are attached, the germ 
cannot stick to the gut 
 wall, and passes
 harmlessly through your

Know Your Colostrum

Not All Colostrum Is Created Equal

By now you will all know quite a bit about Colostrum and how it can benefit most anyone at any stage, in any health.
You will know that Colostrum works by restoring the healthy function of the gut and from this our bodies will function more efficiently and be more resistant to disease.
You will have read about the amazing ability of Colostrum to mobilise Adult Stem Cells into areas of the body in need of repair and renewal. The many testimonials coming forward are proof that Colostrum is truly an amazing nutritional supplement that lives up to these claims.

Anti aging, muscle building, anti inflammatory, immune regulating....these are a few of the many beneficial side effects of taking Colostrum as part of your daily routine.

Many people have said to me that they can get Colostrum at their Health Food store or Supermarket. That is true, there are many different brands of Colostrum on the market but not all Colostrum is the same.

Colostrum is a product where quality (strength and power of the bio active components) varies dramatically. Price is not always an indication of the quality.

There are 10 Quality Indicators that influence the quality of colostrum

1 PASTEURISATION: never purchase unpasteurised Colostrum
2 PROCESSING: choose "chilled" rather than "frozen" Colostrum( this may harm the "wholeness"
choose low temperature dried colostrum, heat kills the bioactivity.
3 KEY IMMUNOGLOBULIN VALUES: choose colostrum with not only IgG values but IgA and IgM as well.
4 IgG: choose a high IgG colostrum (>20%) i.e 500mg colostrum should have at least 100mg IgG.
5 IMMUNE AND GROWTH FACTOR VALUES: strongly prefer colostrum from a supplier that includes measurement of the main Immune Factors IGF, TGF, TNF, EGF, Lactoferrin, Cytokines, Lysozyme and Lactoperoxidase. These are key constituents of Colostrum.
6 ENVIRONMENTAL FACTORS: these are a key determinant of quality. Prefer colostrum from naturally immunised, pasture fed cows with no growth hormones. Cows should be from areas free of BSE and toxins. Cows from a larger herd will contain antibodies to a larger range of pathogens giving broader- spectrum colostrum.
NZ colostrum comes from such an environment.
7 QUALITY MANUFACTURING: choose colostrum only from companies complying with the highest government recognised manufacturing standards.
8 ADDITIVES: colostrum is perfect as nature designed it. Pure colostrum is best.In Targeted Products ensure any additives claiming to therapeutic to a target condition do not interfere with the bio activity of the colostrum. New Images Alpha Lipid is a distribution additive which dramatically increases the effectiveness of of Alpha Lipid Colostrum products.
9 SOLUBILITY: poor solubility reflects poor bioavailability. Alpha Lipid stops clumping and increases the solubility many fold.
10 LABELS,CLAIMS AND SCIENCE: choose your Colostrum froma supplier who will back up their claims with proper science.

So now you know how to choose a good colostrum.Its not too different to choosing a good wine! Alpha Lipid Colostrum products from New Image are not only good, they are great Colostrum products. You can buy and use them with confidence.
Alpha lipid Lifeline, Capsules, tablets, Cellworx and Colostem are top quality Colostrum products from New Image. Order Now

If you need to be dazzled by more information and Scientific proof of the wonders of colostrum visit the Institute of Colostrum Research

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